4.5. Weights

Here we describe the general functionality for GIFweight objects.

4.5.1. Set Model

For a given GIFweight object, the user may want to change the cell or face weights. This done through ‘Set Model’:

Weighting functionsSet ModelCell Weighting

Weighting functionsSet ModelFace Weighting

This action will make a copy of the GIFmodel or FACEmodel selected, place it within the items contained in the GIFweight object, then set the new cell/face weights as a property of the GIFweight object. The user must make sure that the GIFmodel or FACEmodel is consistent with the mesh size and dimensions associated with the weights object.

4.5.2. Export Weights

This functionality will write out separate files containing the cell and the face weights. This functionality is accessed as follows:

Weighting functionsExport

If desired, the user could select any of the models within the GIFweight object and export them independently.