9.8. From EDI Files to Inverting Natural Source EM DataΒΆ

This A to Z example tackles practical aspects of preparing and inverting natural source EM data (MT and/or ZTEM) using GIFtools. Here the user begins with a set of EDI formatted MT survey files, loads them into the GIFtools framework, interprets the data and inverts the data with two different OcTree codes (E3DMT versions 1 and 2). The goal is to use synthetic high frequency MT data to resolve the D0-27 and D0-18 anomalies. We then add ZTEM data and show the capability of GIFtools to jointly invert multiple datasets. Once finished, the user will be familiar with:

  • The coordinate systems and Fourier convention generally used for MT data
  • Basic interpreting of MT data through apparent resistivities
  • Practical strategies for inverting natural source data with the E3DMT codes
  • Differences between E3DMT versions 1 and 2
  • How to jointly invert MT and ZTEM data using GIFtools

The full A to Z example is split into 3 parts: