5.4.7. Geology definition file format

A geology definition file is in either the XYZ or CSV file format. This file describes a geology model defining its property or properties. GIFtools will assign air values to the integer 0, but air is not required to be given during import. It must have a column of integers corresponding to the geology model. Other information that may be included are:

  1. Property: A value (e.g., 0.001 S/m) for the \( i^{th} \) unit

  2. Upper bound: Generic upper bound for the \( i^{th} \) unit

  3. Lower bound: Generic lower bound for the \( i^{th} \) unit

  4. Ws: Smallest model component of the model objective function for generating weights. A “default” value is 1, with anything greater than 1 placing more emphasis on the property value and anything less than 1 placing less empthasis on the given property. Example

Below is a sample geology definition file for two physical properties, density and magnetic susceptibility (also contains optional upper and lower bounds and a standard deviation column):