5.4.4. Vector model fileΒΆ

This file contains the three components of property values within the model. The following is the file structure of the model file


Each \(m^p_{i,j,k}\) is the property in the \([i,j,k]^{th}\) model cell where \(p = x, y, z\) with x-positive easting, y-positive northing, and z-positive down. \([i, j, k]=[1, 1, 1]\) is defined as the cell at the top, south-west corner of the model. The total number of lines in this file should equal \(NN \times NE \times NZ\), where \(NN\) is the number of cells in the north direction, \(NE\) is the number of cells in the east direction, and \(NZ\) is the number of cells in the vertical direction. The model ordering is performed first in the z-direction (top-to-bottom), then in the easting, and finally in the northing.