4.1.6. ZTEM Data

ZTEM data can are contained within a Z-axis Tipper EM data object (ZTEMdata). The data columns, properties and functionality associated with these items are as follows:


  • X, Y and Z: These are columns for the Easting, Northing and vertical position respectively.

  • Frequency: The frequency at which each datum was collected.

  • TZXR, TZXI, TZYR, TZYI: For apparent resistivity and phase data (APPdata), these columns represent the real and imaginary components of the elements of the transfer function.

  • Rx station ID: For the E3DMT version 2 code, each observation location has a set of receivers which is given an ID number. This column contains the station ID numbers for each datum.

  • Base station ID: This column contains the base station ID numbers for each datum.


  • ZTEM data type: A flag which determines whether a base station is used when modeling ZTEM data