8.1.2. Create Time/Frequency dependent uncertainties from Statistics

Here we provide a recipe for creating time/frequency based uncertainties based on data statistics. This recipe can save users a tremendous amount of time when dealing with dataset comprising many time/frequency channels with data spanning several orders of magnitude. Step 1: Export data statistics

Floor values are generally used to level the contribution of each times/frequencies. We will use statistics to get reasonable values. Step 2: Create a column file [% | floor]

  • Open the exported file

  • Select and copy any of the columns (e.g. median)



The GIFtools Team recommends to use Sublime Text as text editor. Press shift+rightClick for column selection. Step 3: Create a column file [% | floor]

  • Create a new file in your project directory and paste the column

  • Add a column corresponding to the desired percentage value


Uncertainty file made for a TEMdata object containing 27 tile channels. Assigned 3% uncertainty with adaptive floor to account for dynamic range across time channels.