4.2.9. Merge (Interpolate) 3D modelsΒΆ

This tool allows the user to merge multiple 3D models onto a given mesh. The operation can be done across meshes with different discretization. The main menu allows the user to specify simple grid transformations as well as interpolation parameters:


The following fields control the inverse distance interpolation:

\[\mathbf{\bar m} = \frac{\sum_{i=1}^{N} \mathbf{m_i}{r_i}}{\sum_{i=1}^{N} {r_i}}\]
\[{r_i} = \left[ (x(\bar m) - x(m_i))^{2} + (y(\bar m) - y(m_i))^{2} + \delta \right]^{1/2}\]

where x and y define the cell center location of model column m in the underlying mesh.



Maximum Interpolation Distance

Neighboring cells with active property values

  1. Interpolation Points

Number of neighbors included in the weighted average

Threshold parameters

Smoothing factor


Fill values for air cells and empty model

Rotation center [X,Y]

Easting, Northing position of rotation center

Rotation angle

Rotation counter-clockwise from East

Translation [X,Y]

Grid translation distances