10.1. Comprehensive Workflows: DC and IP

Author: Devin C. Cowan

Published: August, 2020

Here, we present a general workflow for loading, interpreting and inverting directed current resistivity (DC) and induced polarization (IP) data. We begin with UBC-GIF formatted data files for the DC and IP data. However, instruction is given in the case the data are in XYZ format. Our goal is to invert the data to recover both a 3D conductivity model and a 3D chargeability model. You may work with your own data or the tutorial dataset provided here:

The tutorial data were collected in order to delineate ore-bearing rock units at Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia. The data were originally inverted as part of the paper 2-d and 3-d ip/resistivity inversion for the interpretation of isa-style targets (Rutley et al., 2001)