Data Manipulation for Magnetic Data Edit inducing magnetic field parameters

The inducing field (inclination, declination, and field strength) is vital to properly creating a sensitivity matrix in inversion and forward modelling. This is only performed on a magnetic data object (MAGdata).

Select the object and the menu Data manipulationEdit field params

../../../../_images/uncert.png Remove the IGRF from magnetic data

To remove the IGRF value from a magnetic data set, the i/o header for the data must be set. Click on the data item of interest and use the menu:

Data manipulationCalculateSubtract IGRF value


NOTE 1: A separate way of removing the IGRF would be through the Calculator. Calculate elevation from topography and flight height

This functionality allows the user to compute the elevation of their data from using a topography object. It is accessed through:

Data ManipulationCoordinatesCalculate elevation from surface


  • A topography object Change data type

To change whether GIFtools treads a Mag data object as amplitude data, TMI data or other data, use the change data type feature. This can be accessed through:

  • Data ManipulationCreate different data typeTotal-field magnetic data

  • Data ManipulationCreate different data typeMagnetic amplitude data

  • Data ManipulationCreate different data typeOther data type